My 2007 to Get List!!!

  1. awww 2007 new year new goodies for my greedy self to get what do you think?:graucho: and just to know that all of them will be in my paws verry soon:drool:
    price less...


  2. Sure, why not?
    :heart: the briefcase!
  3. its not a brief case it's a llugage pice
  4. We need pics if they're going to be in your paws!
  5. omg. i love the jack and lucie keychain!!!!!!
    i cant wait to see pics of it when you get it!
  6. I love damier trainers
  7. i'll probably wont be gettin all at once:crybaby: maybe not the coteville but the rest at once big yes:nuts:
  8. No bags? :graucho:
  9. hmm well i consider the damier geant archer a bag and the 2007 bags suck wich is good for my wallet...
  10. Luggage you say...I like it even better! It must be deeper than it appears. Good choices.
  11. Love the presentation!
  12. wow, that's quite a list... best of luck! ;)
  13. why can't I see any list? pics?
  14. [​IMG]
    I'll only be needing one messenger so I'll most likely get the Bosphore but I really love the Naviglio....I'll have to wait until I see it IRL to make my decision.

    And I also need to decide on which agenda to get because I won't need two. :p
  15. tahnx... i'll need the luck...