My 2007 Summary....Kinda Long

  1. OK I am new to this forum but have done some serious shopping since first logging on in the early spring. It's very addictive to say the least. Talk about lusting after bags & shallow obsessing! I've been a fan of LV since I was in grade school. Didn't buy my first bag till I was out of high school (Speedy 25 of course). Since this past spring I've sold my Cabas Piano, Epi Sablons, Mono Petit Noe, 2nd. Speedy 25, Epi Petit Noe and numerous wallets, check book cover and a couple little items. But in light of that the purchases were a little out of hand..Manhattan PM, Pomme Bedford w/ agenda & 4 key holder, Speedy 30 w/ zippy wallet & Koala agenda, Rosewood Amarante w/ agenda, ludlow & Inclusion bracelet, White MC Pochette & small change purse, Pearl Lexington & key cles, Denim Pochette & key cles, Pastilles mono key chain, 3 scarves, Koala Bracelet, Valet Key Chain, Black MC 4 key holder, Black MC Pochette pm. Balck Wapity, Speedy Mirage and waiting for a Damier Speedy 25 & Fleurs Key holder as I write this. Oh and did I mention that thats only LV? Through in the Cahanel GST w/ matching wallet. Gucci Pelham w/ wallet & cosmetic case and I think thats about it. Where the :cursing: did I get the money for all of this?????
    I'm waitlisted for the Trevi and dying for the Suhali Lockit pm. I think the Trevi will be my final purchase this year :banned: after that (at least thats what I keep telling myself) But the truth is that it's ALL GOOD:wlae:
  2. wow. great collection. id love to see pictures.
  3. Congrats!!
  4. OMG you've really been busy! I definitely wanna see pics of your hot collection! lol and it IS allll good I'm sure you rock each and every one of those pieces...especially that speedy mirage!!!