My 2007 Modern Chain is retarded

  1. Um, I just unstuffed my modern chain for the first time and snapped it shut-to only find its retarded. Its warped almost. I don't know if its normal, the top after you snap it does not close straight. What should I? Should I return?
  2. Can't picture it. Can you take a pic?

    I have a modern chain for a few days before returning it and i don't remember it doing that
  3. The leather on the new MC totes looks odd to me. It has a wrinkled effect to begin with so it doesnt surprise me that some bags would be misshapen. This seems like a bag that you need to hand pick to ensure you get the best one out of the whole lot.

    BTW, I hope the mods will change the word retarded in the subject of your post. I'm not usually one to be all PC and offended, but in this case better wording could have been chosen.
  4. I don't know if anyone else has this problem but my modern chain always gets tangled within itself! The individual links somehow get stuck and I have to go through the whole chain and fix each one. This happens every time and I have it on TWO bags - both that I bought directly from Chanel!!
  5. Your caption made me laugh! If it were me, I would return it if you could. Sounds annoying...and it would annoy me personally.
  6. return it
  7. send it back..get a new one that is normal
  8. sorry roey, i should have been more pc. how about MY MODERN CHAIN HAS ISSUES? :tup:
    however, after playing with it and unstuffing it all the way and reshaping its not so bad. however, i am alittle disappointed. First a thread was loose in my rock and chain cc's and now this. You think spending over 2k on a bag it wouldn't happen....
    I think Chanel is raising the prices to pay their labor more-to make a better product maybe?
  9. Do you mean it collapses in a heap when empty? I can't imagine what you mean?
  10. ^^ I also can't imagine what you mean. Can you take pics for us? Are your talking about the tote?
  11. roey you hit the nail on the head with that one!
  12. Thanks for your support coldplaylover. :biggrin: Maybe when Swanky sees this she'll change the title to "has issues". A much better choice memyselfI !

    And now back to the MC. I have the e/w version that doesn't stay straight across the top when snapped shut. See my avatar where it curves inward. That's normal.
  13. Roey, if you say its normal, I am ok than. It just sat strange at first. But once I unstuffed it and pushed in the sides it looks normal. Such drama!!! :greengrin:
  14. We pay enough money for drama! I am so picky about my bags I will find something wrong when there isn't anything wrong.
  15. honestly, i don't konw if am in love with this mc. it really does look like my cabas