my 2007 loot

  1. over the year i went chanel crazy and now i've decided i'm not going to keep them all. it's kinda hard to do but i don't even use them all! i'm going out in a bit so only have time to post pics of these two which i have not used AT ALL. don't ask me why :rolleyes: at self.

    monte carlo pearls (i barely unwrapped the tissue!)


    227 black metallic reissue

    more to come...:love:
  2. Two Gorgeous Beauties! Congrats:tup: I can't wait to see more.
  3. Ohhh, I'm with petals hehe... I can't wait to see more eye candy!! :nuts: :heart: I LOVE your reissues (especially the 227 MB!) :girlsigh:
  4. Those are true stunners! Especially the black metallic reissue! I'm trying to find one for my mom at the moment.
  5. Gorgeous!
    Thanks for sharing the pics!
    Enjoy :smile:
  6. Gorgeous pieces!
  7. if u dont want ur chanels u can donate them to me!!
  8. adore these bags, they were keeping me company on TFS while we were down, I had to have some gorge Chanels to look at ;)

    Beautiful, they really need to be used :biggrin:
  9. lovely! :heart:
  10. very nice ... loves it!
  11. Love them! :tup::tup::tup:
  12. they are beautiful, i especially love the pearl bag!

  13. hahaha..i 2nd that!! :biggrin:
  14. Beautiful!
  15. LOVE them!! Congrats!!