My 2006 Achievements

Oct 17, 2006
Before 2006, I was basically a Coach girl. My handbag collection was mainly Coach, except for a LV Multicolor Alma and a LV Capuccines. Since the beginning of the year, I have acquired several non-Coach bags, two of which I purchased since I joined the forum because of the acquired knowledge and taste. Don't get me wrong, I still like Coach. Recently, I got a Coach wallet and a wristlet (in the mail).

In summary, I think I did very well this year. Next year, I hope I can get admitted to the special forum where I can purchase some Hermes bags from fellow tPFers.

Do you like my collections? What about you? What are your conquests this year, and what dream bags will you be looking for next year?

My 2006 Acquisitions:

My Coach Collection before 2006:

My humble LV Collection:

Suhali and South Sea Pearls/Diamonds - Go hand in hand:

Charge: Shallow Obsession:confused1: :sad: :shrugs:
Verdict: Guilty:shame:

Sentence: Life without Parole, stuck at the computer checking websites for designer handbags:yahoo: :wlae: :jammin: :yahoo: