my 2003 bbags are here! ;)

  1. 2003 emerald and 2003 red classique bags:love:


    2003 red classique side by side w/ the 2005 rouge red city: (color comparison)

  2. Amour,
    You are amassing quite a collection! They are gorgeous!!!
  3. Amour, beautiful bags!
  4. WOW Sweetie ..... you lucky girl ;) !!! Absolutely gorgeous bbags - great collection ! Enjoy it ;) :love:
  5. thank you ladies:love: :love: but I am still on the verge of selling one of my red bags..*sigh*:unsure: :Push:
  6. They are fabulous! Enjoy!
  7. Beautiful- I love the emerald color :love: Congrats!
  8. OH! Drool!!! Beautiful bags!
  9. Beautiful colors! Congrats!
  10. Hmmm ... wish I could see the 2006 Emerald up against the 2003 Emerald; that would be an interesting comparison.
  11. thank you ladies...:love: :love: :shame:

    ceejay unfortunately I dont have the 2006 emerald;)
  12. Amour your collection is truly TDF! We need an updated *group picture* lol! I can't keep up :=)
  13. yup I promise...waiting for another b bag..another EGGPLANT!!! soon as my other eggplant comes in, I'll take a pic of my balenciaga collection:shame: :love: ;)
  14. Wow they are amazing!! Lucky girl! Congrats Amour! ♡♡♡
  15. Gorgeous bags !:love: Congratulations!!