My 2000th post: Are you a grammar/spelling Nazi?

  1. OK first of all I need to get this off my chest: I don't know HOW it's possible that it took me nearly 5 months to reach my 1000th post, but exactly 1 month 17 days to hit my 2000th (this being it) :weird:.

    It's a clear sign of this forum taking over my life :yes:.

    But ANYWAY, yes, I'm a grammar/spelling Nazi. I find it absolutely mandatory to spell everything exactly the way it should be spelt, with the right grammar. I find it appalling when some people -- especially those who are brought up speaking English and have spoken it all their born days -- can't spell even the simplest words, and mix everything up :mad:.

    I've seen people write 'witch' when it was really supposed to be 'which' :wtf:. I don't for the life of me see how one can be confused for the other :wacko:. I saw someone on this forum spell 'dilemma' as 'delima', which made me laugh out loud, and was really quite mean of me. And the one thing that bugs me a lot is in the LV forum, people write 'Pochette Accessories', when, upon much closer inspection, it's really 'Pochette Accessoires'. I always assumed that people who go to eLuxury and as often as they do would eventually get it, but no, they keep making the same mistake over and over :mad:. And I have a feeling that when they see me spell it as 'Pochette Accessoires', they think I'm the one who's spelling it wrong.

    I come from a country where, like America, there are more than one race: mainly Malay (the natives), Chinese and Indian. But unlike America, everyone prefers to speak their native tongues, so English is shoved to the back burner and has become more of a 7th language. When they speak English it's directly translated from their own language :lol:, and the grammar is so bad that it's funny. The Chinese people, especially, love to make up their own ways of spelling things, like 'fren' for 'friend', 'wat' for 'what', 'wan' for 'want', 'haf' for 'have', 'dun' and 'don' for 'don't', and 'sumting' for 'something'. It makes me want to throw something at the computer screen when I talk on MSN to anybody from back home.

    What about you? Does it bug you when you see even the simplest spelling or grammar mistake, or do you let it slide? I know I sound awful, but I think it's just the way I was brought up.
  2. Happy 2000th! And to answer your question, no I'm not a spelling nazi when it comes to english. It's my 3rd language so I don't worry about it much. Now when it comes to icelandic, that used to be a different matter. Then I married a man who's got spelling dyslexia and he cured me pretty quickly. He can write the same word over and over and never in the same way.
  3. i have a friend who's like that too :roflmfao:!
  4. Served me right, I used to be so arrogant :lol:
  5. wow, congratulations and I too have let the pf take over my life, SWEET!

    I'm not a spelling nazi as much as you are and thanks for the info on the "Accessories" (Hah) spelling. I for one seem to think faster than I type and find myself skipping words even, so I always have to go back and double check what I write. I am notorious for typing "you" when I mean "your." It's a bad typing habit I guess you could call it.

    Ironically my BF too has spelling dyslexia, I find it kind of endearing...but anywho, congratulations on reaching your 2000th in like 5 months you are truly dedicated :upsidedown:. If you avg it out that's like 400 post a month...if only I could achieve such greatness :love:
  6. Not a "nazi" but it does make my skin crawl at how spelling has taken such a back burner in American education. I'm not talking typos, or the number of folks who have English as a second language (or 3rd or 4th). It should be understood when someone has a non-English speaking country listed under their avatar and there are (English language) spelling/grammar errors in their posts, it's probably just a language issue and nothing more. Those posts don't bother me at all. I can only imagine how I'd embarass myself if I were to try posting on say a French, Russian or Italian discussion board. Oh my!! :wtf:

    What makes me nuts is when I read posts by people (and not just on this forum, other places too) who clearly were educated in the US, clearly English is their first, perhaps only language, but the spelling, grammar and sentence construction is SO wrong! If I had to choose one word that just plain crosses my eyes, it would be "loosing". You aren't "loosing" your mind, you are "losing" your mind. The other one is "your" as in "Your going out tonight." or such as that. It's "You're (you are) going out tonight."

    I'd better shut up. Swanky will give me the boot if I get carried away on this topic as well....
  7. yay, congrats on the 2,000th! :yahoo:
  8. OMG!!! So do I!!! ...and it bugs the HELL out of me!!!!

    I am the biggest spelling Nazi... Many things that get to me such as:

    People that...
    -spell "Cerises" like "Cherises".
    -call Monogram Canvas bags "The brown ones."
    -refer to a Multicolore bag as the "Rainbow bag" or the "Murakami bag".
    -call the MC Speedy the "Jessica Simpson bag"... COME ON!!! She was always seen carrying it!!! It's not like she invented the :censor: bag!!!
    -say that LV bags are "boring and out". Ummm... those are the kinds of people that are only aware of Monogram Canvas bags... they're not aware of other beautiful logo-less lines.

    Glad that's off my chest!!!! :lol:
  9. Wow 2000th post? It would take me a year, at least. Well, English is not my first language but it really does bother me when native English speakers make simple mistakes. Just as Prada Psycho mentioned, the whole your and you are bug me. Oh, healthy and healthful. It's not healthy to eat veggies, it's healthful. I learned that in Jr.High and it still bothers me when products claim "it's healthy!"
  10. I'm kind of this way, but not outwardly. I think it when I see it and then move on! LOL! It doesn't bother me too much.

    But I have to ask, didn't you mean 'spelled' not spelt?:idea:
  11. :weird: not sure what I have to do w/ this thread:shrugs:
    I'm not ban happy, I don't boot people for ridiculous things.
  12. for me as well english is my 2nd language and I'd like to see good "healthy" grammar everywhere so I could learn faster( learning english from the books is sooooo boring)
    It's been a year and a half since I am here in the US and I'd noticed that people( borders like me) who can speak english almost perfect and without any noticeable accent cannot write as good and those who have difficulties speaking are grammar and spelling pros:upsidedown:
  13. no ;)

    'spelled' is an active verb: 'she spelled it wrong'
    'spelt' is a passive verb: 'it is spelt wrong'

    see? i'm a grammar Nazi :lol:

    that's exactly how i feel too! i mean absolutely no disrespect, but i think Americans are lousy spellers, which is a real shame because English is their first, and like you said, perhaps ONLY, language.
  14. I'm not really sure why spelling and grammar have seemingly fallen out of fashion in this country. I know the education system places no emphasis on spelling, or math for that matter. DH and I used to cringe at the things that our daughter brought home from school, both the English aspect and the math. I thought I would go ballistic when the kids in the 3rd grade had calculators slapped into their hands and were not required to memorize any addition, subtraction, multiplication and division tables as our generation was made to do. My daughter is an exceptionally brilliant kid, no bragging here-she is, but she cannot count change backwards, nor can she go to a rack of clothing that says 30% (or whatever) off and tell you what the final price will be. She was always amazed that I could just glance at the price, the percent discount and instantly give her the sales price. Again, that was a letdown of the education system: she was never taught how to do mental calculations! :hysteric:

    I think that's part of the spelling/grammar issue, but I've also wondered if people haven't gotten so dependent on computers doing their checking for them that they get lazy. I'm also beginning to feel that the onset of text messaging and chat/instant message programs contribute to that. People seem to type comments on discussion boards as though they were IMing or text messaging. Very confusing! :shrugs:
  15. I am annoyed by bad grammar but am even more annoyed by the misuse of apostrophe 's'.