My 20+ year old wedding dress.....

  1. I was married 20+ years ago and moved to Florida on our honeymoon and stayed........ My mother had my wedding dress in her hope chest and she had it drycleaned preserved in those special wedding boxes. I mean I saw this for myself when I when to visit a few tiimes. So here we are trying to empty the house out to sell it for Dad and Dad says I get the hope chest and everything in it (which also had my mom's wedding dress). I was very happy. I get the chest delivered two weeks ago and open the chest and my wedding dress is no longer in the dry cleaner box and it is stained and ripped. Now it wasn't like that when I wore it. The hem on the dress was above ankle when I bought it so it could not drag on the floor. Now the hem is literally black on one place like it was dragged on the floor and there are huge stains that look like food on the bottom. I am so upset. I really feel my sister wore my dress in one of her school plays, she was very active in the theater in hight school and college and even did some dinner theater. I know my mother would have LET her wear my dress with no problems. :yucky: :lol: She could have worn it for a halloween party too.....
    I want to ask her about this but my SIL said not to that she will deny it and it can't change anything. I feel this is one of the most treasured posessions one could have and when I showed it to my litter girl the first thing she said was "Mommy can I wear your dress when I get married". I will take it to the dry cleaners to be preserved again. It is frustrating because my Mother said to leave the dress at home in her hope chest and she will add things to it that were special to her.
    I guess I need to vent. :cry:
  2. oh, i'm so sorry to hear that. i must've been sad to see something that's really memorable to you in that condition. i hope you can fix the dress for yoour daughter :smile:
  3. What a bummer! Unfortunately, I sound like your younger sister in this scenario (I am very bad at taking care of things). The good thing is, I always ask my sister before I borrow her stuff... and I would never do that to such a precious item.
  4. Honestly, if I were you I'd ask my sister right away. You deserve to know what happend.

    Hopefully a great dry-cleaner or restorationist can help you fix the dress- good luck!! Sorry to hear that happend :shame:
  5. Thats awful, sorry to hear :sad:
  6. I agree. She needs to be confronted and receive a little :rant: for being so disrespectful to something that means so much to you.

    I hope there's some way you can fix your dress!
  7. If i were you I would also ask my sister. I'm so sry to hear what happened.
  8. I agree too. I would ask straight out. If she did and left it in that condition and didn't even tell you...I'd feel disrespected.
  9. My sister and I are very close and my family is an old fashion Italian family where everyone says what they think. I would ask her in a flash what the heck she did to my dress!!!! Even if you don't want to stir up trouble--it's your WEDDING dress, you have every right to ask and should. Good luck.
  10. Try asking her. I'm sure she'll tell you if she did do that to your dress. :busted (sorry... couldn't resist using the new smilies :shame:smile:.
  11. I agree :lecture:
  12. That is just :censor: . I agree with Megs - you really need to address this issue with her - at the very least she needs to know how much this has upset you.

    Hope you manage to get the dress sorted:flowers:
  13. Please ask everyone in your family about it. It won't make it better, but at least you'll know what happened.

    And try to find the best dry cleaner or textile preservationist you can. Perhaps you can restore the dress to something close to what it once was.
  14. Ack that is horrible! :sad: I'd definitely ask your mother, bc that is completely unfair! Good luck, so sorry :sad:
  15. I agree, this is soo appalling and sickening!!:hysteric: I CAN'T imagine your mother committing such a heartless act by letting your sister use YOUR treasured wedding dress for some meaningless project and NOT ask you for your permission. You NEED an explanation or it will just eat you up and make you sick, sweetie! NEED to scream and vent and let it all out! Otherwise, you will ALWAYS carry negative feelings towards your sister and it will eventually turn ugly....who knows, maybe your sis didn't do it?!...or maybe mom didn't even know about it?! Sorry sweetie, I hope your baby girl will be able to wear your wedding dress someday.:flowers: