my $20 LV purchase!

  1. [​IMG]

    yup. it's an icons book. my SA even wrapped it in a box and all.
    how fun! :p
  2. I still need this book. Congrats! So pretty, too!
  3. oh jeez! you scared me for a second. $20 LV? Congrats on your icons book! how sweet of your SA to put it in a box!
  4. good purchase! well guys, is exactly this treatment i would like to receive from a SA!, when I bought my 2 Icons books she didn't wrap them in a box :sad:
  5. Oooh congrats!
  6. maybe because it ws two?

  7. Some crazy SA at 34th Street told me it was $95. I was like, "Yeah right" I knew the real price b/c of the PF, but I didn't wanna fight it. I just left. I'll get it later.

    Awesome buy! :yes:
  8. Congrats! Always a conversation piece and wonderful collectible.
  9. Congrats!
  10. Congrats, I love this book!
  11. Awwwh that's so nice that she wrapped it. Great subject line btw ;)
  12. Im sending my boyfriend out to get me one...who can say no for that price!
  13. thanks yeah it's a real cool book. i took a peek at it last night though didn't actually start reading it. maybe i'll cozy up with it in bed tomorrow on my day off! :smile:
  14. ahhh. i still need to get this book.. i hope valley fair still has some left.. anyone been to valley fair lately and see if they still have some available? :p
  15. ^ that's where i got mine! :yes: