My 20% haul & a Dark Coral Zoe Question

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  1. #1 Jul 19, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2009
    I bought the large Zoe in Dark Coral & Sig Blk/Blk, Dark coral Zoe Wallet, a small sig black wallet, black sig med cosmetic bag, sterling silver bangle, and a sterling heart necklace! Im very excited, but have a question. I called the outlet ahead of time looking for the red patent Zoe. They said they have 6 so I drove 2 hours to get it. I got there and took it to the cashier and she called it coral as she was rining it up, but I bought it because to me it looks completely red, but does it really? Or am I blinded and fooling myself because I really wanted to red? Im going to have to put it on ebay since I can't drive that far again to retun it if anyone could mistake it for pink :sad: What do you think? Pink or red?
  2. I love the coral honey - what a great color
    any pics ????
  3. I have a Large Dark Coral Zoe and imo it is red. I have never had anyone think that it is any color other than red. I think they were just having to be creative in naming the color...
  4. IMO, it looks totally red. Keep it girl! :woohoo:
  5. I have not seen the red (crimson) IRL but I have seen the dark coral. I agree that the Coral is very dark and reddish looking. Are you sure the SA did not mistakenly call it coral when it's really crimson? Could you post what the tag says, it will have the color code, and if I can't I'm sure someone will be along to help figure it out. Pics might help sort it out, too, if you can post some.

    I think if you like it, even if it does turn out to be coral, you should keep it. I don't think anyone would mistake the dark coral for pink. The Zoes are at amazing prices right now and if you should get every color that you really like, as long as you can afford it of course. But that's just me!
  6. Not yet, I am at my boyfriends, but will try and post tomorrow! Does the Coral look red to you? I just really dislike pink-ish colors and if anyone says "love your pink bag!" im going to be very disappointed
  7. It's defintely reddish! As long as you love it that's all that matters! Welcome to TPF!
  8. He didnt call it a specific color just "yep we have 6 red" and I said "It is red, not coral or dark pink?" and he said "no, its a bright lipstick red"

    The tag says f12776 sv/a6 patent lg zoe:sv/dac mfsrp $548
  9. Thank you so much! I used to be a regular on the LV forum until I ran out of time and money for new bags :-P Lost my old accounts password, so here I am starting fresh


  10. looks red to me
  11. #11 Jul 19, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2009
    No :sad: The man I talked to called it red on the phone so I assumed he knew what he was talking about, but as I was checking out they called it coral as they checked the tag to ring it up (and the tag says DAC and it has silver instead of brass)

  12. Based on your tag, my guess is that it's dark coral. I did some searching around here and can't find the color code for dark coral, but the code for crimson is cm and that's not on your tag. I bet the dac is the code for dark coral. Again, I really think as long as you like it and don't think it's pink, you should keep it! Coach really does name their colors strangely, like their lavendar sabrina is really a light pink, not lavendar at all. So it's very plausible that they would have 2 different shades of red and call one of them coral :lol:
  13. This is the code for dark coral. Plus I think the crimson has brass hardware, not silver.

    The color is a bright pinkish red, but definitely way more red than pink. I don't think anyone seeing the color for the first time would call it pink.
  14. There is no way the dark coral could ever look like pink. Its like a tomato soup/lobster red colour. It's very pretty and quite a deep shade of red with orangey hints--nowhere near pink in colour, IMHO.

    I have the Large Rose Patent Zoe and that's definitely pink--like a light pink strawberry milkshake. I love the burst of yummy pinky colour in contrast to all my dark black/brown/purple bags. I haven't really embraced the deep red colour yet. I did see the crimson and it's a perfect apple/blood red, but I only saw it in the pouch size. I would have been tempted to get it if the crimson came in Large size.

    Still, the dark coral is quite pretty and it is in no way in any shape or form pinky. For me, I don't like this bag because of the silver hardware. I would have definitely gotten it if the hardware was brass--like the Crimson Red Patent Zoe.
  15. Great, thanks so much! I love the bright lobster red and was actually prefer the silver!

    Boyfriend insists it looks pink in sunlight. Darn him.