My 20% Coupon Madness

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  1. So as someone who lives about five hours from an outlet usually, I was very excited to receive the 20% off coupon in my mail the day before my boyfriend and I embarked on a little roadtrip :graucho: I used my erm, "persuasive skills" to convince him that we should swing by an extra outlet... And am pleased to say that I have managed to hit up three outlets in two days :happydance:

    Anyone want to see the damage?
  2. I'm just in time! Reveal!!!
  3. i'm here
  4. you go girl...use those "persuasive skills" and show us what you got!
  5. I made it!!!!

    Bring it on!
  6. ooo!!! i wanna see!!!
  7. You'll have to excuse the terrible photos - I'm not a good photographer to start with, and hotel rooms are definitely not the best for lighting!

    Our first stop was in Waterloo, NY, where I gently eased him in with


    The perfect little black purse for me :smile: And the wristlet and scarf called to me with their pink goodness.
  8. That's a Leah wristlet, right? It's so cute!
  9. What is that cute black tote with nickle coach tag on ?
  10. cute !
  11. I hadn't seen them before but they've had a bunch at all the outlets! Black, greyish-blue, and a tan-coloured leather... And then patent navy, red, and grey! They were $149 before discount.
  12. We hit up one more outlet before crossing the border, but I'll show you what I snagged in Niagara Falls, ON for now.

    I'd been stalking this beauty on eBay for quite a while, ever since seeing her in a fellow TPFers profile... I think I may have screeched a little upon spotting two just sitting on the shelf.

  13. I love all three pieces! Great finds.
  14. F5 f5
  15. pretty pretty pretty!!! i love that lavender color!!