my 2 yr old 28 clemence plume info help pls!

  1. i just noticed the letters " S.H " to the left of the date stamp
    (2004/H in a box).
    do you think it could have been the craftsman?
    There is a period after the "S" but not a period after the H
    thank you!
  2. I'm not an expert. I would imagine it's the craftsman id?
  3. Craftsman and atelier ID, I believe.
  4. thank you, that is what i was thinking.
    i acquired the bag from a wise, older,sweet man
    (think an older version of Stannie Blatch) who is way out of my league $$$$- wise!!! He is a collector of rare gems and H!!!!! . He has a black a/x card...need i say more.
    thank you addicted and hermesgroupie!!!!
    how did i live without all of you??!!!!!
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