My 2 year old just sprayed my entire new tube of Coach perfume!

  1. My husband just called me and said while he was in the shower, our 2 year old got into my purse, and sprayed my entire new purse tube of Coach perfume. He said there is not a drop left in it and the house is so strong smelling, they have to leave for a while so it can air out. I've only worn it once! :crybaby:Oh well, at least my house will smell like the Coach store for a few weeks. :p
  2. that sucks!!! they should child proof them :smile:
  3. Omgosh, ohhh nooo! :p I really love that smell! lol
  4. OMG! I'm so sorry :sad:
  5. awww... well, maybe you can get the solid one... it is kind of in disguise so your little one won't think it's perfume.
  6. he'll probably eat it then :p That is a good idea though.
  7. Typical!!!! I have two of those terrors in my house - nothing is sacred.
  8. Awww..... dissapointing now, but one day you will laugh about it, my son did the same thing with a bottle of my perfume when he was 3, he is now 17 and buys me a new bottle every mothers day. :smile:
  9. Would a 2 year old be able to open the solid? I seem to recall having to press down and get my nails underneath in order to open it.(at the store)
  10. OMG how disappointing but as you say your house will smell great :smile:
  11. The scent is alluring! I have a sample and love it! I might just shell out the $ for it.
  12. Maybe I should do that...then I can smell my mom wherever I go in the house! Hahaha, I'm so sorry about your perfume! Hey, look on the bright side--at least he didn't eat it! That could have been even worse!
  13. oh no! just an excuse to go back to Coach i guess ;)
  14. Yay for Coach...even little ones love the smell:biggrin:
  15. Oh my that is not good i hope you house does not smell for two long.