My 2 weeks post-op review for Nose job and under eye fat repositioning at BRAUN plastic surgery

Disclaimer: I did not receive any discount for this review, I just wanted to share my experience with BRAUN because I am satisfied with my results.

I was born with a bulbous nose with a fat, round nose tip and alar. I’ve wanted to change my nose since middle school, and I finally have enough money and courage to get rid of my ugly nose for my 22th birthday.

I originally planned to do the surgery in my home city, but after an online consultation, I realized that it was so overpriced and I had trouble communicating with their consultants. So I did more research and found this forum and decided to go to Korea for my surgery. I am currently at two weeks post-op, but I’m already in love with my results.

I decided to have my surgeries done in Braun before I arrive in Korea, because I only had 9 days and that is not enough time for me to consult then decide on a clinic, so I did a lot of research on purseforum, KakaoTalk and babitalk, and did online consultation with a few other clinics, I finally decided to have my surgeries done in Braun because I loved their B&A pic’s aesthetic and how helpful their consultant is. Even though I asked a lot of questions, made some changes to the procedures I want to get and felt like I was being too annoying at some point, Moses was still really really nice and answered each of my questions throughly.

when I arrived at the clinic, I did a CT scan and Moses made me signed some papers including legal issues, emergencies and other things that I did not remember cause I was nervous, but he did read through every single sentences of the paper and answered all of my questions.

Then I waited for a bit and got changed into my surgery clothes, washed my face, took some pre-op pics then met with Dr.Lee and Dr. Ryu. My mind went blank when they asked me if I got any question after explaining the procedures that I’m gonna get, but I wrote down some questions on my note app cause I remember someone on this forum saying to prepare questions beforehand cause their mind went blank during consultation. They were really kind and answered all of my questions completely. Dr. Ryu told me he can not cut off too much of my alar, because it’s gonna look the best when my nose is the same width as the distance in between my eyes. I showed Dr. Ryu some reference pics for my nose job, he pinched my tip and alar with his hands then confirmed with me if that shape is what I want.

I then got sent into the operation room after waiting for a while. They tied me up and put a heart monitor on me, the beeper went so fast cause I was so nervous. Moses then told me that they are gonna inject the anesthesia and the needle is kinda thick so it’s gonna hurt a bit, but it actually didn’t hurt at all, I fell asleep after like 10 seconds. The next thing I remember is Moses waking me up and I kept asking for water.

After staying in the recovery room for a while, Jude took me home then sent me a long text about the instructions on the eye drops, ointments and medicines that I should take. He even helped me with ordering pumpkin juice and answered my questions after our appointment was over. He’s literally the best, so if you’re going to have surgery, please do pick him as your translator
The first two days were nightmares, it was not painful but really uncomfortable. I got packings in my nose, so I couldn’t breathe through my nose. My nose couldn’t stop bleeding and tears kept coming out of my eyes.

I got my packings removed on day 3 morning, but my nose was still congested and mucus kept coming out of my nose. This day was also my peak swelling day, I looked like a chipmunk, but I took a lot of pics and laugh to cope with it. I also got my antibiotic shot on day 3, and god it was painful, probably the only time that ai felt pain during the whole surgery and recovery process.

I got my stitches and cast removed on day 5, since I was traumatized by the antibiotics shot on day 3, I was mentally prepared for the removal process to be painful. Fortunately, it was not painful for me. Then I got my laser deswelling treatment and met with my doctors for the last time! They told me the surgeries went well and I agree that they achieved exactly what I told them during the consultation!

For deswelling, I drank like 30 packs of pumpkin juice in a week, I walked as much as possible everyday, I used the ice packs that Braun provided and I took arnica pills. even tho I ate so much unhealthy food (fried chicken, spicy rice cake, a lot of desserts, jjajangmyeon with tangsuyuk and jjimdak) after day 3, my swelling still went down by a lot in a Week and I was even able to go back to my job at day 10. My colleagues were shocked by how natural and amazing my new nose looks already, and I’m sure it’s gonna look even better when the swelling goes down!
Hi, can I ask you did you have any swelling on top and between your eyebrows for rhinoplasty? I’m currently on my 10th day post-op and still have some swelling at that area. I can’t use ice/warm pack because the doctor advised me not too since I also done facial fat grafting
Sorry I only got tip plasty, bulbous nose reduction and alarplasty, so I didn’t get any swelling between my eyebrows