My 2 right fingers are numb and arm to my elbow, too much listing lol

  1. Ouchies .. I just opened a ProStore .. I'm not doing handbags but thought I'd post here for some help anyway, I do Souvenir Fridge Magnets and have for about a year and am relisting inventory and designing my eBay store under a ProStore now.

    Anyway I use a trackball and love it but I have developed full time numbless in my small 2 right fingers on my right hand and the edge of my arm all along my right finger up to my elbow that is now constant :push: - this has been for a week now, and its impeding movement when I'm cooking or doing anything now -- I'm getting concerned.

    I dont use an arm rest or anything -- any suggestions what I should get or do? I am taking a break mostly from desiging my store and listing stuff and taking some Aleve hoping that will help.

    Thanks for any input.
  2. What is a trackball?
  3. [​IMG]

    It looks like this
  4. Maybe this would get more replies if moved to the General Discussion section :yes: Sorry I can't offer any advice- hope your arm feels better!
  5. Thanks, yeah I got a different mouse and a hand brace today, also taking it a bit lighter, eep dont want hand problems, interferers with piano playing too.. I've reposted this elsewhere so it can be closed.
  6. Most often numbness in the hand comes from the elbow and/or wrist from overuse. A wrist brace, ibuprophen and a couple of days rest will help, but you'll need to take frequent breaks after that or it will just continue. I have tendonitus in my right elbow and I'm right handed so I deal with this all the time. I'll eventually need surgery as cortisone shots don't cut it anymore. Rest, hot & cold packs and inflammatory medication is the only relief without surgery.
    I recently had major surgery on the discs in my neck and before the surgery I had numbness from my neck to my fingers. Nerves are funny and shoot long distances in the body which is why nuerosurgeons pull out their hair sometimes. I have 4 bad discs in my back and have to be carfeful. If I move too fast at the wrong angle, the immediate effect is me on my knees as the nerves go down the back of my legs and just let loose.
    Take care of that hand!
  7. I sure hope your back surgery has helped, that sounds quite serious - I will put the wrist brace on and take a couple of days break, mostly, that will be tough - but gotta do it. I didn't think of the hot cold packs, thats a good one, thanks!
  8. You're welcome. My orthopedist suggested the hot/cold packs for my elbow for relief but it is just temporary relief as surgery is still needed. Yours may also be the corpal tunnel syndrome. That is very common, and you mentioned playing piano, too, so its a good possibility. The surgery for that is also common and takes care of the problem but your wrist will be unusable for a few weeks.
    The neck surgery did help the arm/wrist/hand numbness some, but my back is not operable, not at this time. The problems I have are also caused by overuse. The body does wear out!
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