My 2 Olympias

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  1. Yesterday my SA sent me the 2 smaller sizes of the Olympia bag - small and baby. They are both gorgeous.

    I don't do pictures but will give you a good description.
    I want a bag I can use everyday like the Pillow. I started with the items I carry in the Pillow and soon discovered the baby bag was less spacious. The small bag holds more than the Pillow so that is the one I'm keeping and the other goes back.

    There are 2 things that stand out for me. First I like the divider inside the bag, it keeps my glasses separated from the rest of the contents. Also I like the fact I can wear it on my shoulder with a double strap. I have bursitis in my right shoulder and sometimes a heavy bag will bother it. By having 2 straps it distributes the weight on the shoulder.

    In the inside I have a small wallet, small cosmetic bag, pack of tissues, sunglasses, keys and there is room for more. I bought the camel which is a beautiful neutral color and will go with everything.

    The baby didn't hold enough for me. Once you put a small wallet in there wasn't room for much else. If you are buying an Olympia think about what your needs are.
  2. This is the "Olimpia", right?

    Good info to have about the difference in sizes! :heart:
  3. I'm glad to hear that the small olimpia worked out for you. It's so fun to hear what works and what doesn't work for people (with respect to purses)--I also like the divider in this bag. I have not seen the olimpia in camel but I bet it is just gorgeous. Congratulations--I hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine!
  4. Congrats! I think the small is perfect too. Holds plenty but is still lightweight and comfortable crossbody. And it's so chic!

    What color did you get?? Sorry if I missed that part.
  5. It's always nice to find a new style to love. Enjoy your new Olympia!!!!!
  6. I bought the camel.

  7. Congrats on your new small Olympia. I think it will be the perfect bag for you. It's so nice your SA sent bags to try on. What color did you purchase?
  8. Thank you for your review! I have been debating between the two and now decided on getting the small. Enjoy your beautiful new bag!
  9. Congrats on your Camel Olimpia. I had been very drawn to this color but had not seen it irl yet. Looking forward to do so when I next visit the boutique. I do like the small Olimpia and agree that it holds a lot more. Due to a child, I need a bigger bag than usual but small bags still entice me constantly.
  10. I think the Olimpia in Camel is gorgeous! I bought a larg returned it due to the weight. The small seems ideal.
  11. I had always been told I should avoid Camel due to my skintone but lately, I had been very drawn to this color. It just looks to go with all colors. I'm sorry you had to return the large Olimpia but it is true that it can get quite heavy.
  12. I understand, as I would not wear camel next to my face, as I am already very pale. But I would wear it in a bag or shoes, perhaps with a navy sweater and jeans or with other colors. I think that colors that are not the best for our complexions can be incorporated as accessories.

    Although, somewhere around here there is a photo of Grietje wearing a cervo loop bag on her head. Yes...on her head. I couldn't find it, but at some point if you decide to wear your bag on your head, like G, you might want to wear a color that you know looks good for your coloring, even though your head will be hidden. G claimed that it was too warm but you might live in a cooler climate. Anyway, camel might not be the color for you in that case. But as long as you keep it off your head, I think you'll be fine. G: where is that photo? :woohoo: You know, now that I'm thinking about it, I think it would have been fine with G's coloring hanging around her neck......
  13. I have found that I get more wear out of neutral bags than colored bags. Camel is a color that goes with every neutral color - grey, black, brown, navy, white. You can also use it in all the seasons. The Olympia with the chain handles looks beautiful in camel.
  14. Exactly, I cannot wear pants or tops in Camel either. I just look very washed out. I wear a lot of Navy and after scouring Pinterest, I think Camel helps to warm Navys well. I also like how it still looks fine with white, which is another wardrobe staple of mine.

    The Cervo hobo on G's head?! I absolutely had not seen that pic before but that sure is unimaginable. 😂
    I live in a very humid and hot climate. My issue, will be that it will not even fit because I have a relatively big head size. DH always jokes that I need not carry an umbrella as my head already functions as one.
  15. I am looking at Camel as my first neutral bag. The colors you had described are exactly the same colors I wear, sans brown and replacing it with olive green. I do not see the Camel Olimpia on BV website yet. I will call my local boutique to check.