My 2 newest bags: Bordeaux Blake and Pomegranete Venetia


Which bag would you keep: The Venetia or the Blake

  1. The Pomegranete Venetia

  2. The Bordeaux Blake

  3. Both! (Even though thats ridiculous!)

  4. Neither

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  1. I love both! I think both are incredibly beautiful but unfortunately I can only keep one. Please tell me which one you like more and why...It would be of great help to me!

    *Both have brown interiors, and the Venetia has silver hardware and the Blake has gold hardware

    Thank you in advance!:heart::yes:
    CIMG4969.JPG 181d_1.JPG CIMG5033.JPG CIMG5034.JPG
  2. Wow. That is such a hard one. I love them both. I just bought my first venetia (black with gold hardware) and my second blake (bordeaux with gold hardware).

    I love the blake b/c it fits on my shoulder better and seems easier for every day use. BUT I just love love love the way the venetia's so pretty and classy.

    Basically I'm not help at all b/c I say keep both!!
  3. My first instinct is to say keep both. They are really gorgeous bags!! If that is not feasible though I would keep the bordeaux Blake. :love: The gold hardware really compliments the deep red hue.
  4. I say keep the Bordeaux blake too for the same reason that Melly mentioned. I think the Bordeaux is better.
  5. I agree with the ladies here that you should keep the Bordeaux Blake. It is such a gorgeous bag. I regret not grabbing one on sale!!
  6. I very briefly owned a Pomegrenate MP and tried to love the color, but I just couldn't for some reason. But the Bordeaux color is luscious!! I voted for the Blake!!

    P.S. Plus, on a personal note, it bothers me that I can never remember how to spell Pomegrenate. I don't even know if I spelled it right in this post! LOL!
  7. Okay, so my vote was for both, LOL, but barring that, I'd say the blake as well. I mean I LOVE the venetia, but I think the bordeaux is a better color than pomegranete and the gold hardware looks SO classy!!
  8. both a soooo pretty but i say the blake.
  9. The Blake!!
  10. I actually like the Venetia a lot better :yes::heart:
  11. I prefer the Blake as well! You can carry it on your shoulder and as a satchel. The Venetia is roomier though, so it really depends on your personal preference.
  12. I LOVE both so I decided you shoul keep em both :smile:, but IF you choose to have only one, I would keep the Venetia.
  13. Even though I love the look of a Venetia, I am voting for the Blake! I love this color with the gold hardware and you can carry it on your shoulder! I do not have a Blake but I am sure it will be a future purchase! Congrats on the one you decide to keep!!
  14. tough decision for me here...and it's not even my bag! hehe. I love both, so if you could keep both that would be the best situation. but if I had to choose, I'd stick with the bordeaux blake. the color is richer and looks better with the gold. then I'd return the pommegranite venetia and buy it in a different color (maybe a cool blue or green???)
  15. I love the Venetia, but I agree the Blake does fit on the shoulder better. What color hardware works with your jewelry better? That could help you decide.