My 2 "New to Me" MJs!!!

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  1. Found two gorgeous bags on ebay. Thanks to our fantastic Authenticators for giving me the okay with these. I am thrilled!!!

    First...Quilted Casey (in a greyish blue???)

    Second...Venetia in Bark
    Check out the suede lining (it's actually a darker red than my pic)
  2. Very pretty Venetia -- I love that suede lining! Congrats on the new additions!
  3. Omigosh. The quilted Casey is so beautiful!
    Congratulations! These are great additions.
  4. The Venetia is in perfect condition! The seller sent me the sweetest card. I just had to post what she said:

    Hope your package arrived safely! And I hope you love the bag too! It is a wonderful, neutral color, classic MJ shape accessory! It was my 1st Marc Jacobs handbag, never wore it! I didn't want to mess it up:smile:
    Use it daily, keep in dustbag when not in use, and you will have it forever!

    I thought the special note card was so sweet. This seller had 0 feedback, had never done ebay before, and I really got it at such a wonderful price. I'm still shocked!

    Glad I could share!
  5. Thanks blackonmaroon and sexycombover! They are happy to be joined with my new Black Stam I got recently.
  6. Lovely new additions! The Casey looks so effortless and the Venetia is beautiful and in pristine condition. It is thoughtful that a card was included and that she took the time to write one. Congrats!
  7. Thanks, shoppingislove. Both bags are in perfect condition. Casey doesn't have a mark, and the leather is awesome!
  8. :drool: Both are gorgeous! I love these two colors. I've been looking for a bruna in the same color as your casey for the longest time!! Congrats!
  9. :heart::love::heart: Gorgeous bags! I love both of them! It is scary buying from a new seller but we all started that way. Took a chance and she was so thoughtful! Enjoy your beautiful bags!
  10. That Casey is gorgeous... I've always loved that style... congrats!
  11. It's amazing, this color goes with so much! And, the quilted leather is really comfortable.
  12. congratulations on your new additions! both are gorgeous but the venetia is :love:. enjoy them both.
  13. Thanks, deb! Aren't they both gorgeous!!! I'm still shocked at what great MJs I have found! I wouldn't take a chance without our great Authenticators though!
  14. Thanks gypsy and krezz. You're all so sweet!
  15. MJ girls are the best, fo sho!