my 2 new-to-me bracelets~~

  1. Hello ladies~
    I recently got these bracelets and they're so cute!!!
    This is also my first post here on the BV forum!

    Picture 075.jpg Picture 077.jpg Picture 081.jpg
  2. Welcome dumdumsun! Those bracelets are really cute! I love the blue color. Does it say the color name somewhere?
  3. Welcome! Very cute bracelets!!!
  4. the blue is actually a purple....
    i got these from
    i don't know the names of the colors...or the item number.... don't even know what seasons they're from...
    but i guess it doesn't really matter as long as i love love love these cuties!

    oh, the purple is a bit too loose to wear on my wrist... so i just tried it as an anklet... still cute! haha
  5. Welcome to the BV side! Very cute buys!
  6. dumdumsun, those will look great on you! Welcome to the BV subforum. The purple might be Parma, which can look like a light to medium purple. Is the other one white or a cream color?

    Nice purchases :smile:
  7. hello boxermom~
    the other one is looking like it could be a very light dusty pink or pale pale pale lavender... but because it was previously loved i can't really tell anymore...:shrugs:
  8. welcome to the bv subforum, dumdumsum. and your bracelets are so cute!
  9. cute bracelets dumdum!

    wat about some modelling pics on your wrist please?
  10. Weclome to the BV forum, dumdumsun. I love these bracelets too but unfortunately they are too big for my wrists. Gorgeous colours, aren't they.
  11. very nice i love those bracelets !
  12. Love your bracelets! The purple is Parma and the pink is Magnolia. The colors are fab! Enjoy!
  13. Sweet! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the BV board.

  14. Love the bracelets they look really cool with the knotted detail and charm at the top! How much do they normally retail for???
  15. really cute, I love the charm hanging off the knot like that.