My 2 New Purchases!!!!

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  1. They are adorable !! I love them all :love:
  2. I love your wapity and shawl - congrats!
  3. congrats!!!!!
  4. congrats! both are beautiful
  5. Congrats. I have wanted the Wapity Case for my camera forever now.
  6. Thanks y'all for your kind comments ;)

    The shawl is AUD 935
  7. Very nice...congrats!
  8. wowee! what great little purchases! i heart the black mc wapity big time...i totally want one and i'll get one eventually!
  9. Congrats on both! I love black MC!!
  10. Wow!!! Congrats...
  11. congrats
  12. Lovely purchases! Congrats!
  13. Great purchases. Love that shawl.
  14. So pretty! What a great combo of goodies!!
  15. Both gorgeous - congrats!!