My 2 New Purchases!!!!

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  1. i say shawl too...
  2.'s actually the leopard shawl


    quick question for those who have this shawl - how do you store it? are you hanging it or just twisted it and put it back in the bag?
  3. thanks shalomjude
  4. Oooh very nice purchases, congrats!
  5. stunning!!! congrats!!!
  6. Great purchase .. I would probably keep it in the dustbag twisted up as it is less likely to get snags & pulls than if it was hanging in your cupboard:yes:
  7. thanks laloki and s324k.

    thanks for your suggestion shalomjude ;)
  8. i am goooooooooood. :]

    except i couldnt guess the style of that shawl.


    Very nice.
  9. Congrats on your purchases, LOVE them, particularly the Wapity!
  10. Congrats, they're both gorgeous!
  11. thanks missbabydolce, kenzo89 and freshmess.
  12. i'm liking the mc wapity! congrats!
  13. i love the wapity!
  14. Both are lovely! Enjoy!
  15. Both gorgeous - congrats!! I love them both, how much is the shawl in AU?