My 2 New Purchases!!!!

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  1. just wanna share with you my 2 recent purchases. the small box is an item that i bought while i was on holiday in Gold Coast early this month. the large box is an item that i just got today.

    can you guess???

  2. errrr noooo clue haha start the stripping!
  3. Monogramouflage shawl . . ?



  4. OK! let's start with the small box. it's something that i want for quite sometime.

  5. ???
  6. wapity?
  7. vernis or miroir cosmetic case??
  8. Kinda looks like a wapity in the dustbag. Take it off already:popcorn:
  9. yes, you are right, missbabydolce. it's black MC wapity :yahoo:

  10. I love love love the black mc wapity case!!!! Looks so nice!
  11. thanks LVBastille

    and as for the large box...can anyone guess???

  12. monogramouflage shawl?
  13. Wap-wap-WAPITY!!! That box and dustbag is just the same shape and size as mine! :tup:

    ETA: Oh, whoops, you've already revealed! :lol:

    Hmm.. big box.. Graffiti Pochette?
  14. I also say camo shawl :smile:
  15. Congrats .. sprouse shawl:yes: