My 2 new mini downtowns and med. downtown!!

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  1. My new downtowns!
  2. sorry trying to add picture
  3. Aaaaah!!! Persian! I can't wait to see. You are the DOWNTOWN QUEEN!!
  4. Where are they? :P

    Can't wait to see the lovelies!
  5. :shrugs:

    I wanna see the wickle Downtowns. :sad::crybaby:
  6. :tumbleweed:
  7. I can not seem to get the pictures to upload. I tried again tonight and they don't seem to work???
  8. That's really strange, where are you uploading them to? If you want, you can email them to me and I'll post them for you. No biggie!
  9. chinsumo, I just emailed them to you. Hopefully you can open them. Thanks!!
  10. ^I got them! Just had to resize them and upload them to photobucket. Here you go:


    They're all beautiful! I love the patent, and the raffia is going to be a great summer bag!
  11. Chinsumo, Thank you so much!!!
  12. You're welcome Persian!! Not a problem at all. I think helping you post pics was just me doing a service for the YSL subforum!

  13. Cute! What is the inside of the mini downtown like? Any pockets?
  14. Great!

  15. Thanks! The black ones are satin lined and the raffia one is brown suede lined. They don't have pockets on the inside.