My 2 new lovelies--aqua and anthracite!

  1. Here they are, my two new beautiful cities. We went to New Orleans this weekend, where I bought one, then went back and decided to buy another. I intended to return one, but I have decided to keep both. The aqua is bright in person, brighter than I thought it would be by the pics I see here. I thought it would be duller or more subtle. Whoever said it's like the color of the Caribbean Sea was right. Just beautiful blue-green. The anthracite is amazing. The color changes from black in low light to gray to blue-gray to slate blue to teal blue in different lighting. Thanks to the ladies who have given me the idea to apply for a Saks charge card so I can save 10% on my first purchase!
    aqua outside.jpg aqua bag 1.jpg anthra aqua.jpg anthra body shot.jpg anthra bag 2.jpg
  2. Great choices lizz! Those are two of my favorites from this season. Both of them are so gorgeous! Congrats!!
  3. Congrats on your two new beauties! And, saving 10% is a lot! You can put it towards your next Bbag ;)
  4. Love both!:love:Congrats, Lizz!:flowers:
  5. Love ur new collections esp the aqua color.....Anthracite is also another great color too....enjoy ur new loves.
  6. Both are absolutely gorgeous. Congrats and enjoy!
  7. Love both!Congrats !!!
  8. You wear the bag well. Enjoy. They're so pretty!:yes:
  9. I LOVE 'em lizz! CONGRATS!!!!:yahoo:
  10. Liz you look absolutely stunning.:yahoo: Congrats. :yahoo: Do you know that Saks is having triple points this Thurs.:graucho:
  11. Lizz, your outfit it so cute! and perfect with your new bag. Congrats!
  12. Your bags are beautiful! I think I really like anthracite now.

    oh, and your jacket is very cute!
  13. very pretty! congrats!
  14. Ooohhhh, Lizz, your bags are so amazing! I am trying not to buy anymore bags right, so I will live vicariously through your purchases for now. I just can't believe you found and bought two such great colors in one day. Congrats!
  15. :yahoo: Enjoy!! Both are gorgeous but that aqua, oh my! :drool: