My 2 new Louboutins! Spring is here!

  1. went shopping this weekend and got these black flats while DH and I were visiting friends in SF and my satin sling backs finally came in from wait list! YAY! so happy :p just had to share!
    CIMG2887.JPG CIMG2888.JPG CIMG2889.JPG
  2. Congrats!!!! I love the black flats.
  3. LOVE them! congrats!
  4. LOL! I got the gold ones too! Ordered them back in January and they finally came in! Much more sparkly than I expected but very fun!
  5. Gorgeous, I love the satin slings!
  6. congrats!
  7. Enjoy them...
  8. Oh yay congratulations.
  9. christian louboutins are my dream shoes! lovely
  10. wow i love your new shoes!
  11. they're gorgeous, congrats.
  12. Gorgeous! I love the color of the satin pair! Congrats!
  13. my eyes:drool: love both.
  14. Lovely shoes enjoy and congrad to you both
  15. :drool: i have been longing for these black flats for ages. so this justifies my great jealousy. congratulations to your amazing shoes!