My 2 New Little Bear Buddies...............

  1. Well, my Little Buddies finally arrived! I've named them Mr. PB and Mrs. PB (short for Prada Bear). I think that they are adorable and plan to wear them on my new Prada bags! :love:

    Mr and Mrs PB

  2. For some reason I was unable to post these pics in my first post. Here's close ups of my little darlings:

    Mrs. PB

    Mr. PB
  3. soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo adorable!!!!! :love: enjoy them sweetie :biggrin:
  4. both of them are lovely..but I think mrs.pb is cuter :smile:
  5. so cute! I just want to cuddle them! I'm sure your Prada bags do too!
  6. CUTE! They'll look great on your bags miu2!
  7. Theyre adorable - may I ask what the price range is for these?? Love 'em!
  8. i'm waiting for mine to come in! right now in singapore they're either on waitlist or in the display sets not available for sale.... the black one is so very cute!
  9. they're so adorable!
  10. them... i got to get them...:heart::yes:
  11. They were $150 each! Not bad for a Prada......:graucho:
  12. Oh cute but my fave is still the first range of Prada Tricks! :smile:

    I have 3 of those cute little robots. :love:
  13. Nice bear, I got mine bear charm as a xmas present from a good friend. Here is my PRADA charm bear its called ULISSE, its the only Teddy bear charm that is not made into a mobile strap or smaller charm, the other four has a smaller version. Its currently sitting on my Yves Saint Laurent Chocolate Oversize Muse Bag! The photograph is taken by my PRADA mobile phone. I use to have the whole collection for the robots trick, but someone stole lillo from my bag :sad: [​IMG]
  14. Oooohhh, he's darling!! If anyone else has a Prada bear, please post pics here!! ;)
  15. Oh I love Lilo, I have her, Wallace and Annibale! Such a pity bout the thief making off with dear Lilo! :hysteric: