My 2 New Jumbo Flaps - Grey & Black *PICS*!

  1. I tried to resist buying the Jumbo Classic Flaps for the longest time, but resistance is futile when it comes to Chanel and me! So with the help of the lovely tPF-er Purrrfect, I bought my first Jumbo, a Dark Grey Lambskin with New Chain.

    I loved the size, look and chain (and the comfort factor on my shoulders!) of this bag so much that I decided to buy a second one for more everyday use. So before the dreaded price increase, I scooped up a Black Caviar Jumbo with New Chain during the Saks EGC event.

    What's interesting to note about the lambskin jumbo is that it seems that Chanel has added some sort of protective coating over it now on some of the flaps. The lambskin feels less soft, BUT it also seems more durable and less prone to scratches. I asked my SA about this, and she said that Chanel makes modifications time to time to their classic leathers without informing the SA's or the customers.

    The Dark Grey is a medium-to-dark steel grey with blue undertones that looks different depending on the lighting.

    I hope you guys enjoy my pics! ;) They are taken in sunlight with flash, and are pretty accurate color-wise.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
    Chanel Jumbo Flaps.jpg Chanel Jumbo Flaps 2.jpg
  2. You lucky girl!!! They're stunning!!! Modeling pic please!!!
  3. Oh, you are sooo sweet. OMG! they are really beautiful and smart of you to get in before the price increase.
    Congrats on both of your beautiful bags - enjoy them in good health. :tup:
  4. CONGRATs!! they r both stunning,:tup:
  5. oh me oh my! you are killing me with the grey bag! you know grey makes me weak at the knees :tender:. i LOVE it that you got one in caviar and one in lambskin to mix it up a little.
  6. Here are a few more pics of the Jumbo sisters!

    I normally don't tend to go for very classic pieces, but these Jumbo's sucked me right in. Now I'm obsessed with Jumbo Classic Flaps, and want them in fun, brighter colors (my dream one being the elusive Red Caviar one).

    -Stephanie (pond23)
    Chanel Jumbo Flap Grey.jpg Chanel Jumbo Flap Black.jpg Chanel Jumbo Flaps 3.jpg
  7. Beautiful bags Stephanie!! Congrats!!
  8. Gorgeous bags Stephanie! They "grey" looks more like a blue-grey, I LOVE it!! :nuts: Congrats and enjoy!
  9. Thanks Larkie! I am starting to really LOVE grey bags, grey accessories, grey everything. :tup: What's interesting is that the Color Code of the Dark Grey Lambskin is 93803, the same code as my Dark Grey Pocket In The City. Yet the colors look nothing alike on these 2 bags!

    I definitely wanted to add variety to my little collection, and to not get too redundant, so I decided to get one Lambskin and one Caviar Jumbo.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  10. Thank you again for your help in procuring this little gem, and for all of your kind words! :smile: I had almost given up on finding the lambskin jumbo in a color other than black.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  11. Yes, it definitely has a lot of blue in it, especially under certain lighting. Thanks for the great compliment!

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  12. I'm on the hunt for my first jumbo flap, and your pics make me want one even more! GORGEOUS bags, you lucky girl! Wear them in good health!:heart:

  13. More than happy to help you, as it is a good deed in return for all the great help given to me by fellow tpf'ers.

    It is great to get help and be able to help others...thanks to all the tpf'ers who make moments like this possible for everyone here at this forum.:tup:
  14. That's very nice. Love your grey flap!
  15. Gorgeous bags, double congrats Stephanie. =)