My 2 new Hermes scarves (and some oldies too!) *pics*

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  1. I'm new to the Hermes forum but have been an H lover for years. Started with shoes!

    Not sure if you guys post your new items (like in the Chanel Forum) but here are my two new scarves.

    I think the first one (black) is called Jungle Love. I love that when you fold it you can only see a little of the leopard so it isn't overpowering.

    I don't know what the second Mousseline (chiffon) is called. For anybody considering buying one this is a very wearable scarf and goes well with jeans or a jean jacket! I also threw in a pic of my main summer bag (Fendi Sellaria) which I think goes great with my scarf when I'm wearing it.

    Can anybody help me with the name of the second scarf? TIA (shown with and without flash)

  2. And some oldies:

  3. The second scarf is Cles.
  4. Thanks! That makes sense!!
  5. You're welcome! Lovely scarves.
  6. Nice collection of scarves, congrats!
  7. Welcome Maxter.
    Lovely scarves. Thanks for the pictures. Is the last one of Christopher Columbus?
  8. Fantastic collection of scarves!
  9. Yes it is. I can't remember what it was called. It says Columbvs (yes, with a v) at the top and Les Ameriques at the bottom. I bought it when I was on a business trip to philadelphia. I think it is a great one to frame and have gotten many compliments on it. You can look at a million times and find new things in it all the time.
  10. Lovely!! Thanks for posting, and welcome!!
  11. Gals, this is my wonderful friend Maxter!! I am so excited to see some of my Chanel pals on the H board today.
    Maxter, they are just beautiful!!!! The twilly looks lovely on your pretty bag!
  12. Ok, RC. I showed you mine - now show me yours!!
  13. Gorgeous scarves!
    Nice to see you here Maxter! One of these days you'll have to get together with CXYVR & I.
  14. What beautiful scarves, thanks for posting, love that horsey, wintry one.
  15. Hey Japster, congrats to you!! Hope all is well.

    Are you and CXYVR both on the east side? You know, whenever I cross HWY 100 I consider it the "east side"! PS. I'm in Elm Grove.