My 2 new goodies from Monaco

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  1. The love of my life got me 4 scarves - limited edition benefiting Societe des Bains de Mer - The Princess Grace Trust.

    They are beautiful. Here are 2, the camera DIED before taking pic of the other 2, but will post later.


    Enjoy ;)
  2. Gorgeous colours lucky you . wear in good health.
  3. a few more...
  4. Congrats, they are beautiful!!!
  5. They're gorgeous, congrats, looking forward to seeing the other two.

    Did your DH get them from the Hermes store or do you have to get them from somewhere else in Monaco - I have the idea I read this somewhere...
  6. Not DH, yet ;). He went to the Hermes store and they told him he needed to get them from a boutique near by.
  7. These are gorgeous! Great pop of color for spring! Lovely~
  8. Congratulations! Those are such lovely scarves, perfect for spring and summer!
  9. Wow - how fun for spring! Love the colors. He did good!!
  10. Wow stunning scarves:drool:!!!Lovely colours!!Congrats!!
  11. What wonderful sunshine colours, lovely!
  12. Such sunny bright colors! Congratulations!!
  13. DC, Congrats!! I love the color schemes. :smile:
    A very nice gift indeed. :smile:
  14. Thank you for that information - your SO is a keeper!
  15. Congratulations on your lovely new scarves. I especially covet the orange colorway.:drool: