My 2 new friends

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  1. My boyfriend got me not one, but TWO kittens as an early bday present!!!

    He was only planning to get one but when he was choosing between the two he couldn't help to separate them so he took them both. :heart:

    We don't have names for them yet..and I haven't told my landlord either!!! ;)



  2. Aww they are so cute.
  3. hahaha, (i'm laughing out of cuteness), awwwwwwww, the second picture with the big eyes! what a thoughtful gesture (sounds like you love cats). oh, your husband is such a doll too because he didn't want to separate them. your two kittens are very cute and cuddly
  4. Your husband is a really nice man! How thoughtful he was to not separate the two kitties. And how wonderful he was to get you kitties your birthday.

    You now have a very special household!
  5. awww cuties!! congrats on the new babies!
  6. so cute! love their colors :yes:
  7. Cute!

    Designer names - of course!!! Yes?
  8. Thankkkkk you everyone!!!!!!!

    I woke up at 6:30 am to find my boyfriend playing with them!! lol. He actually got 1 of them to get the hang of the liter box arleady!!! I was so surprised! I JUST got the other one to use the bathroom in the box just now also. They haven't pooped or pee'd anywhere else. (GLAD!)

    They are such sweet hearts!!! My bf has his favorite and I have mine.

    He named his BOOTZ b/c he's fiesty like the girl from FLAVOR OF LOVE /CHARM SCHOOL ( LOL) and he has white paws.

    I haven't figured out a name for my fav yet though.


    They are so sweet & cuddly!!!
  9. Congrats! I am so glad you didn't separate them! :smile:
  10. Thank u! I am so glad I have both of them bc they entertain each other.

    I was just nappin with 1 of them on my chest. hee hee
  11. How about Peaches? or Apricot?
  12. You'll just love having two kittens!

    I have two (we wanted them to be indoor cats so they can keep each other company while we were out of the house). They're not littermates. They were with their own littermate and my mom picked the best looking of each pair.

    It's so cute when they snuggle together and to see them wrestle with each other. (I used to worry when they got into wrestling but I relaxed. Unless they make a noise that sounds like 'ow,' they're okay.)
  13. awww... They're just too cute and will never be lonely.
  14. Congrats!They are precious and two means twice the fun.
  15. Ohhhhhh!!!! What a great birthday gift!! They are so cute!! They have the same coloring as one of my old cats that I no longer have... His name was Lambchop, lol... after the puppet. lol... I was a lot younger then!!