my 2 new fav products!

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  1. Crockpot liners and the banquet crockpot classic meals!

    I made the chicken one, and was pleasently surprised to find, big chicken chunks and good looking veggies. I plopped the liner in the crockpot, the stuff in the bag and that was it.

    The kids and DH loved it.

    With the liner, the cleanup was a snap.

    So for less than 10 minutes labor about $5 - 6, it was good tasting and good for them!

    :yahoo: :yahoo: Yahoo! :yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. Yeah, aren't those liners great? I think Marie Callender also has the crockpot meals now too. Here's an easy crockpot recipe that I make:

    Slice onion(s) and put in the bottom of a crockpot. Next I cut a big round steak into four or five smaller pieces, salt and pepper them, and lay on top of the onions. Next, just pour an eight-ounce can of tomato sauce over everything (larger can if you want more gravy). Cook on low for 8-10 hours. This is so easy and so good. I always make mashed potatoes with this so we can use the gravy from the swiss steak.
  3. This sounds like a good idea! I'll need to find some vegetarian meals though.
  4. OMG there's such a thing as crockpot liners?! I must look into this. I'm so out of it LOL. The other day I must have scrubbed the darn thing for 20 minutes. I'm googling it right now!