My 2 New Diors!!

  1. Just got these beauties at Saks!!!!!!!!!
    Black ones are high heels.wearin them with jeans today..LOVE!
    FLIP FLOPS are for beach.....too cute!VERY COMFY!!

  2. love the flip flops! What's their retail por favor?
  3. flipflops were 275..PLUS I Got 20% off with friends and family thanks to a good SA..LOL
  4. you wear $275 flip flops to the beach?!
  5. LOVE the heels!
  6. Lovely black heels, Jill!!
  7. The black ones are fabbbb! I'm wearing my Dior flats today and they are super comfyyy :O)
  8. Love the black ....flip flops are cute too!!!
  9. OMG! They're gorgeous! Congrats! I love that you wear $200 flip flops to the beach. Would you post modeling pics? I want to see what they look like on, cause I'm definitly considering buying those flip flops.
  10. ^AFTER I get a pedicure tomorrow..LMAO.....
  11. Pretty! I love the black ones!
  12. NICE!! Please post modeling pics too!
  13. Love the black heels and the flip flops are so cute!!!
  14. Congrats! The black heels are so gorgeous!
  15. oohhhh me likey Jill! great purchase...I love Dior shoes!