My 2 NEW Bbags are HERE!!!

  1. The mailman just came and look what I got!!!! A Natural Shoulder and Aqua City! Well, what do you think? I have never carried such a bright bag as the Aqua but I think I really LOVE it!:heart: These pics were taken close to outside light.


  2. the aqua is GORGEOUS and the shoulder makes a great going-out bag.

    :heart:33 the aqua!
  3. i think they're AWESOME!
    usually not a fan of the shoulder, but this one looks different, i kinda like it!
    and the aqua, no need to comment anymore, it's gorgeous as itself :yes:

  4. [​IMG]

    :drool: :drool: :drool: BEAUTIFUL BLUE!!!!! Love the shoulder too....very cute!!!
  5. love the aqua!! yummmy!
  6. Love them! Congrats!
  7. Love the aqua!! The color is really vibrant compared to the other aquas I've seen here
  8. both bags are REALLY NICE! What will you use first - two in one day is exciting! I love the aqua with the RH, it's such a beautiful color, I think it will go with a lot, and it's really a year-round color. The shoulder will be so useful, although I haven't seen one in person yet. You have a great collection!
  9. OMG! The Aqua is gorgeous! Where did you order from? My Aqua Work didn't look anything like that.......very dark and green. I noticed there are 2 Aquas on eBay right now that are very different in color from one another and they are offered by the same seller. I wish this color was more consistent. You lucky girl! I love it!
  10. Oh the blue is beauty-full!!!!!:heart:
  11. Thanks so much everybody!
    I know I love the color, too! The only thing that is a little dissapointing is the handels are slightly lighter but I am SO glad I didn't pass this one up. I really wanted a Work but I guess this was meant to be!
    I also have a Truffle Shoulder that has great leather but I love the Natural color SO much I got this one, too! The Natural is the keeper for sure!
  12. I ordered this one from hgbags! Erica is AWESOME! I am very happy with the color and in real life it does have some greenish blue tones but not a lot. I really wanted it to have a little green in it so I am VERY happy!
  13. Gorgeous additions MRG!!

    Loving them!
  14. I'm a dork. What's "HGBags"?:confused1:
  15. I :heart: the aqua its tdf, the naturel shoulder is gorgeous too!