My 2 new babies

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  1. My DH flew to the UK for a short trip last Sunday with my son. They were there to watch a football match of all things. :rolleyes:

    Anyway I made a booking on a beige GST at the Chanel @Sloane Street and I asked him to pick it up for me. My DH is not the type that likes to be bothered too much with details so I had to make all the arrangements via the phone with this absolutely wonderful SA and all my DH had to do was go to the store, pick up the bags, pay and leave.

    I had called the SA a few days beforehand, however, initially the bag was not in stock. Luckily, the SA managed to reserve one for me just in time before my DH went there. Even more luckily, while my DH was there, he was offered a red medium flap in lambskin.

    My DH is fully aware of my quest to get a red classic flap. I’ve been trying to get one for quite some time but without much luck. Probably with this in mind, he decided to get it for me as a present.

    Did I mention how much I Love my DH? :heart:

    He came home late last Thursday night with my two bags nicely wrapped in their famous Chanel black boxes.

    BTW, with the weak British pound, I would pay about 1300 pounds more if I were to buy the two bags in Dubai.

    These two bags will be my 10th & 11th Chanel bags....I've now got my eye on a PST in red caviar :graucho:

    Some pics are attached....

    Attached Files:

  2. Congratulations on your beautiful bags! You have a wonderful DH!
  3. congrat on beautiful bags~
  4. Congrats on your two new bags and on your great DH.
  5. Gorgeous bags,......Congrats., is this red medium the same red as the lambskin Maxi?, it is very pretty....:heart:H
  6. very nice, congrats! they're gorgeous!
  7. Congrats! i love them :heart:
  8. Beautiful, I especially love the red, its so vibrant!
  9. Awww what a great DH!! Congrats on your two new bags!
  10. oh wow, how beautiful, you lucky gal!!

    I really need to remember this and get my hubby to go alone next time lol ;) :biggrin:
  11. congrats on your 2 new chanels! what a sweet DH you have! :heart:
  12. Congrats, both are stunning.
  13. Congrats for your new babies^^.. Both are Gorgeous!! what a lovely DH you have!^^
  14. Love your red medium lambskin.. never seen it before... so pretty! love the color!
  15. Congrats I love the red one!:drool: What a great DH you have!