my 2 new babies are here :)

  1. eggplant purse:


    magenta classique:

  2. Congrats.. amour.. it's so beautiful...
  3. OOOOOH they are gorgeous Amour!! Congrats! That pic of the eggplant purse is making me want mine more lol!
  4. Ohhh amour, it looks lovely on you! You found your magenta! YAY!

    You should post the photo of your eggplant purse in my 'wearing your balenciaga's' thread!! It looks SO good on you!!!! :love:
  5. The bags look so beautiful on you Nhelle! congrats! :love: :love:
  6. thanks so much ladies...:love: ;)

    mims hon I am wearing my sleeping clothes already, LOL:lol: :shame:
  7. hehe just post that photo! it looks fabulous! :smile:
  8. GORGEOUS!!! GORGEOUS!!! Congratulations!!!
  9. Nhelle.... Those are TDF!!!!!!!! :nuts: :nuts: :love: No wonder you were selling your eggplant first!!! Now you owe me pics of the rest of your "family" :lol:
  10. LOL:lol: :shame: thanks hatikuh, how's you new rouge baby doin?:love: :love:
  11. those are purty colors!!
  12. Beautiful! I love those colors!
  13. Just perfect. That eggplant purse looks like it was made just for you. It lookd great! Love your firts too! Cograts!~
  14. Beautiful colors! Congrats!
  15. Two amazing colors! Congrats! :nuts: