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  1. You lot are the experts right, here are my Louis Vuittons. I wanna know are they fake or not. I got them off of my cousin yesterday. I don't think she would buy fakes but maybe she didn't know. So here they are...


  2. Sorry, but those are definitely fake.
  3. Not an expert, but they don't look right :huh:
  4. I've never seen that theda, 1st pic before. Both pics doesn't seem appear real to me.
  5. i agree with the above. i'm sorry but they don't look real. i've never seen a theda like that nor have i seen an mc speedy like that either.
  6. definetly fake.
  7. Oh gosh, they're fake. Sorry!
  8. speedy is fake, not sure but a the theda, something about it looks wrong.
  9. theda is fake cuz it was never made in that color combo/print..

    and the speedy is fake.. it should look like this:

    not to mention, theda's retailed for over $1,000 a piece (pricey lil punks, i say!) for a monogram, let alone any other color/etc.
    and the MC speedies retail for over $1,700 a piece, so unless your cousin makes TONS OF DOUGH to be handing off LV like candy, she got them at a cart at the mall for $20 each.
  10. Sorry to say :sad: but they are both knockoffs.If you paid your cousin for these bags I hope she will refund your money.
  11. Yikes... did she give them to you or did you have to pay her for those?
  12. Yup, both fakes. :sad:
  13. Both are horrible fakes I'm afraid.:sick:
  14. She just gave them too me. Probz cause she went to america last year and like got real stuff for cheap. And realised these were fakes hehe x I have a graffiti bag aswell it say Louis Vuitton Parisv all under each other. So i reckon thats a fake. Anyone here any good with reckonising D&G Bags too?
  15. Even from the not-so-good quality of the pictures, you can still tell that the bags themselves are not of good quality. Get your money back from your cousin!
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