My 2 little pre-loved reveal

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  1. Hi!! I'm just excited to finally own cles'es in 3 canvas prints :graucho:

    I originally have only a mono cles and LVoe LVoe her to bits. I have been using her every single day since I got her! I don't actually wear other LV bags to work, but this little one is so perfect for me to enjoy my LV happiness without being too loud at work. That makes me wanna get more more cles'es LOL.

    I'm sometimes a Yoogi's stalker. One day I saw these DE and DA cles'es popped on their site!!!! Gently used ones! I was lucky (and quick!) enough to grab them :lol: You know?..grabbing stuff on Yoogi's can really be a challenge Hahaha.. well, I think that's one of a charm of Yoogi''ll always get all the excitement there when you click adding the item to the cart and when you click submitting your order, and then see the refreshed page!

    So, here they are....
    My new-to-me DE and DA cles'es along with their bigger sissy, mono cles :heart: :heart: :yahoo:

    Thanks to the ladies in the authentication thread :smooch:
    and :ty: for letting me share!

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  2. Beautiful trio! Congrats!
  3. them! Glad you were able to get them so quick! :smile:
  4. Love them, :hbeat: beautiful set! Congrats on finding them AND being fast enough to actually get them. SLG's go fast on Yoogi's.
  5. nice - congrats!
  6. Congrats!
  7. Thanks guys ^__^

    Now I've switched from a mono cles to a DE one. I'm a really happy camper :roflmfao:
  8. So cute. Congrats
  9. Good things comes in small packages, great trio!
  10. nice i love this lil thing
  11. Lovely! Congrats
  12. Congrats! I need to get one of these too.
  13. Thank you for your warm welcoming for my cles'es!! :heart:
  14. Thanks! And yes!! everyone needs a cles ^__^
  15. Wow