My 2 Balenciagas

  1. I love Balenciaga bags. There are so durable and comfortable.

    I would love to own more. Will buy one every year in different colours.
  2. Oops forgot the pics!:smile:
    100_4300.JPG 100_4320.JPG
  3. :drool: Those two bags are gorgeous!! Congratulations!!:woohoo:
  4. v nice! ~ is that a teal first? :heart:
  5. Beautiful! :smile:
  6. oooh, i especially love the teal first!! it looks so soft and smooshy!!
  7. Love them! :love:
  8. :heart::heart: them BOTH!
    ENJOY! :tup::okay:
  9. Both Gorgeous!
  10. Great bags!
  11. You have two really pretty bags ilovecocohanel .I LOVE your First especially..great beginning, bet we see more soon :graucho:
  12. Ohhh gorgeous!! Is that a PT. I LOve PT to death. Haa..
  13. Both bags are beautiful! Congrats
  14. So pretty especially the teal first, congrats, ilovecocochanel!