my 2 bag organizers in the corner of my bedroom

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  1. [​IMG]
    Picture is not so clear, but you can see how it holds them.
  2. Those look handy!! Where did you get them?
  3. Look great!! Looks like art on the wall. :tup:
  4. cool! do they get dusty?
  5. It reminds me of those shoe racks that you put on the back of the door. That does look pretty cool, though it is a bit intimidating at the same time.

    Maybe because I'm only 5'4" but if I was standing in front of a wall of bags, I wouldn't know which one to choose! :ninja:
  6. Thanks, yeah I like to think of it as artwork!
    No they do not get dusty as I take them down lovongly every month and give them the once over.
    Pretty much all the bags have dustcovers, But I prefer to put them in the bags and let the styles show!
    Took me a few years to collect, Have to show them off! haha
  7. wow, cool idea. what is holding them to the wall, hooks, clips?
  8. Great idea! I have mine on a coatrack but I like your idea better
  9. Do you have to bust out a step stool to reach the top ones?
  10. but thats a good idea, I use my husband who is 6ft 2" and a walking stink (cane) and he unhooks the top bags for me.
  11. Great idea, looks like an art installation! I'm trying to figure out something so that I can see my bags, but protect them from dust etc. I think it might help me to change handbags more frequently if I'm not just looking at boring dustbags.... Thanks for the inspiration!
  12. Very nice! If I bought that, it would have to go on the back of my door because the last thing I need is for DH to constantly view my collection!
  13. Good idea & OMG! You have a silver Downtown I so want this bag!
  14. oh that is a great idea...i think i need to get that!!