My 2 auctions ended, but the winner of one has a prob...

  1. I just sold 2 pairs of designer shoes. One sold without problems, and the other one seemed OK, but then the buyer just emailed me to tell me that she never placed the winning bid. It's odd and she may be right because the auction ended on 4/14, and eBay stated that the highest bid was placed on 4/9, but other smaller bids were placed on 4/11 and nothing after that. I don't get that because I'd think there'd be people bidding on 4/13 or 4/14, since the last day was 4/14. I told her that if she's willing to pay the highest bid (which I realize she never made), I'd still sell it to her. Otherwise, I'd just offer it to the 2nd highest bidder. Did I do the right thing? Should I just relist?
  2. She may just not want the shoes, but whatever the case may be she will probably be more trouble than she's worth. I'd make a 2nd chance offer and if she doesn't accept just relist the item.
  3. Agree with lorihmatthews, she may trying to use unauthor user hacked her acc to refuse to pay those shoes but if you think it's okay for you to give 2nd chance offer, then do it since the auction just ended and the 2nd high bidder may still interest to buy it, good luck :smile:
  4. Oops...just read that I'm not allowed to make offers to other people who didn't win the long is reasonable to wait for payment, considering that she "gave me notice" that there was a problem with her bid? Also, after I wait that reasonable period, should I report her for nonpayment? And will eBay reimburse me the final value fee if I don't get payment from the buyer?
  5. Is this a case of the winning bidder just before the auctions end withdrew the bid and this buyer was in 2nd place?
  6. The winner never withdrew her bid. In fact, she wrote to me the day after the auction ended to tell me she was out of town and was hoping she could still buy the shoes. I said yes, but she wrote to me again to say that she never bid the winning amount. I wrote to her to ask what's going on and is she willing to pay the winning amount anyway or is she going to dispute with eBay? She still hasn't written back.
  7. wait, I dont understand.. what does she mean she didnt place the winning bid? She won didnt she??
  8. So basically your winner is saying she did bid on the shoes, but did not place such a high bid. It sounds pretty strange to me.
    If she doesn't pay the full amount then just file the NPB in 7 days.
  9. Yup, that's what happened. And I do plan to file the NPB on Sat., which is exactly one week after the auction ended. It just sucks, though, because now I have to wait longer to get money for these shoes, and it may not even be as much:cursing:
  10. So can I leave negative feedback for the winner, even though she had an "excuse"? And she can't give me negative feedback?
  11. I believe that she cannot give you a neg ONLY if she does not respond to eBay's unpaid item notification that you will file. This just happened to me yesterday. My buyer didn't respond and she did neg me (even though she's the one who never paid) but eBay removed the neg.