My 2.55 strap is broken!

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  1. Hi guys,

    I was wondering if anyone has ever have a problem with their chanel 2.55 where the thread the binds the strap together came off??? I'm very disappointed, but maybe it's because I use it too often. But yeah, I'm just wondering if it's just me who has this problem or has anyone ever encounter it before too. And would it cost me to have the bag fix at the chanel store???

  2. do u mean the leather has come loose? That's what happened to one of mine and I'm very very upset as well. Basically its where the ends of the leather strap (that goes in between the chains) are joined together and I found out its done with CHEAP GLUE. Of course, the chain is what holds the bag up so I can still carry it with absolutely no worries, but the frayed end makes me look like I'm carrying some cheap knockoff!! VERY UPSET! My cheap dept store bags are held together better than a 2k bag!!
  3. my classic claps stiches in between leather for handle also loosing as i started to use ... :sad:
  4. Wow that's shocking! I own 3 flap style bags and none have disappointed me. Perhaps you put too much weight in the bag. The med classic flaps aren't meant to carry loads of stuff.
  5. Dang, I would definitely get it repaired - can we sew it back ourselves? I know it sounds ghetto but it's just stitching, right?
  6. Does anyone have a pic of what a lge flap can hold ? I use a birkin but tryed on a lge flap today messenger stlye and loved it but it would need to carry quite abit without breaking...:yes:
  7. OH NO!!!!!!! :wtf: I hope yours can be repaired!!! You should definitely take it back to the store! No one deserves to have a bag that cost so much $$$ to break on them! I just purchased a pink classic flap- I hope this is not the case for all of the flaps. I am definitely not easy on my diamond shine flap and it seems to be holding up fine. Good luck!!!!!
  8. my strap broke before I started using it... so bought a broken bag essentially...
    anyways it took about 2 weeks to get it fixed. hope you'll get yours fixed soon
  9. this is too bad. can't believe this happens.
  10. hey guys thanks for all the info! i thot this was only happening to me!

    the thing is like the thread that held the end of the strap broke (like it was cut off)...and about the glue that glued the leather together is pretty cheap as atypical devil said. and nope, i dun put a lot of stuff at all....

    but yeah, i'll def get it fix asap. but it's just sad to know that this is happening. :sad: nevertheless, i'm still in love with chanel and looking forward to getting another reissued in Gray instead cos the carrier is chain and probably wouldnt have such a problem!
  11. :ixibel - I just bought a medium caviar classic last wednesday and today one of the stitches in the leather strap came apart. I'm disappointed that my bag isn't a week old and the stitches are falling out. So I get to deal with LA traffic to go to NM to have the bag sent out for repair.

    Part of my irritation is that I'm not loving this bag and now I have to deal with it falling apart.

    I can sympathize with ya!
  12. abt fixing it yourself, sure its definitely fixable, afterall, it was originally only held up with glue anyway so I should just have to do the same. but that's really not the point is it?

    I can do the same but apart frm not wanting to risk a mess, I also paid a premium above what its really worth in materials so I intend to get Chanel to do it right and throw in a good cleaning as well. Now just to get off my lazy butt.

    Oh and as to the weight we abuse the bag with ... in our case it doesn't matter. The straps are typical chains with leather intertwined. The chains are subject to the weight, the leather is purely decorative so it shouldn't be the reason why it broke. More likely as I said ... due to cheap glue :sad:
  13. Oh take it back to Chanel so they can fix it! Why not be a little patient but have it done the right way? I think you'd be happier with that in the end.
  14. yep i plan to get it to chanel n have it fix...wouldn't dare to do it myself...haha...i fear too much!
  15. yup girls ... we should get it done the right way and have Chanel do it instead of DIYing .. especially when its not caused by abnormal abuse.

    Hopefully they will realise the extra trouble needed to service these bags and step up their QC! afterall, one of their excuses for the price increases is the handwork and labour right?

    I can't imagine if we cause more damage in repairing ourselves .. bringing back to Chanel, there's no way we can be compensated for our own fault. If they damaged it while repairing, we can still claim for something.