My 2 1/2 Seconds Of TV Fame!!

Bichon Lover

Jul 1, 2008
California SF Bayarea
So about 6 weeks ago my friend Teresa who owns Footcandy in Walnut Creek CA asked me to come up to her store to help support her while a SF magazine TV show was taping a segment on her store being voted Best Boutique in the East Bay. Of course I went and the crew spent 4 1/2 hours filming for a 1 minute segment. It finally aired and will air 11 times over a 8 month period (the next one being Aug. 20TH at 1:30 KRON channel 4 in the Bay Area). There are 5 split second appearances by moi. :graucho: If you blink you'll miss them. :P

The first is a few seconds in where you see my back LOL and Teresa off in the distance in the upper right corner. Really a flash. Then about 20 seconds in Teresa is showing me a lavender CL evening bag. A couple seconds after that they zoom in (no face) on a red patent Valentino evening bag I am holding. They show some shoes on the floor and then 3 pairs of feet walking in shoes and mine are the first pair in gold Jimmy Choo sandals and lastly at the end of the walking feet they show a table of bags and shoes and up in the upper right corner you see my right leg and gold shoe. :lolots: I had to pause it to make sure it was even my leg and shoe. :nuts:

That's it.....just wanted to share my day of fun and I was just thrilled I didn't look fat on tape or film or whatever the heck it is! I think I had my body turned just right by accident. :cutesy:

Thanks for putting up with my escapades. Oh, and you probably all know this but you can click on the little x in the bottom right corner to make it full screen :smile:


Aug 17, 2006
Lost and found
Love it, thanks for sharing. Your friend is pretty and very photogenic, but I think your feet stole the show.

Would love to go shopping there, she has nice shoe selection.
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Sep 10, 2007

As usual you look stunning!!! You're friend has excellent taste. There were many things in the clip I would definitely buy.


Jan 5, 2009
Bichon Lover, you look good in the tape.
I have been in your friend's boutique couple times (whenever I visit Walnut Creek).
It is truly a nice store!
I will definitely go again.

I enjoyed the clip a lot.
Thanks for sharing! :party:


Apr 23, 2009
You always know how to model handbags ;)
Now I want to buy the Red valentino and lavender CL :nuts: