My 1st

  1. Adorable! Great starter piece!!
  2. Ciongrats! Nothing like your first LV! Very cute and functional!
  3. CUTE!!!:love: Congrats!!!
  4. Congrats on your first!
  5. Lucky girl! I really want one of those.
  6. That's really cute!
  7. Thanks everyone:flowers:
  8. Very cute! Welcome to the forum.
  9. 0o0o0o cute!!! woo hoo FIRST LV piece!!!! congrats!!!
  10. I love it! Sooo cute!
  11. Congrats! So cute!!
  12. Aww how cute! I bet you anything that from here on your LV collection will grow.:biggrin::flowers:
  13. That's adorable! Congratulations, sweetie.
  14. Congrats and welcome!!!! Such a cute piece!! It's not gonna be your last.....especially once you've been HERE awhile!!!! :smile:
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