My 1st YSL purchase (YSL Zip Hobo) thinking it was meant to be...

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  1. So I happened to be in Saks tonight just browsing and stumbled across this bag. I did a double take and well there it was in the sale pile. Picked it up and it is the softest leather ever. I asked the SA about it and she said someone had it on hold and then ended up not buying it. I really like it and just searched TPF to get some more info on this bag. I had been wanting a new leather hobo but nothing really caught my eye. I like classic, timeless pieces and this bag is just that. Oh and I guess it is not so bad that it was only $637! I'm totally excited about it! :biggrin:

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  2. gorgeous!! congrats!!
  3. thanks! need to learn more about this brand bc i am liking it!
  4. Very nice! Great choice and congrats. Many more YSL to come :smile:
  5. Beautiful! It was meant to be!
  6. you got a zippy hobo! i love the ease of this bag.... it carries a lot and is comfortable to wear. congrats!
  7. Great find! Congrats!
  8. Congrats! Such a good buy, a classic indeed :smile:
  9. Hey, we're bag twins! This has become my fave bag of all! It's so soft, functional, easy to carry, and I get lots of compliments on it. The color is really versatile too; I can wear it with anything and everything.

  10. beautiful, congrats, it sia great bag :smile:
  11. Thank u!!! I love it :smile:
  12. Congrats!!! I have this bag in black (my first YSL - and NOT my last), and I adore it!!! Great buy!!!

    If they made it in red I would seriously buy it again - it's brilliant!!!

    Does anyone know if YSL will be doing this one in more colors in the future?
  13. I don't know but that'd be awesome! I wanna get another one too and red would be a great color!
  14. red would be fabulous!! and don't forget electric blue! I'd be happy with that marine blue color that the easy came in recently.
  15. i love this style, i have seen it at saks, beautiful especially in dark grey, gorgeous
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