My 1st YSL & I’m in LOVE!

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  1. #1 Jul 5, 2018
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2018
    IMG_3488.jpg IMG_3489.jpg

    I know she’s simple yet she’s also classy & elegant, and that’s my style!
  2. So beautiful! Congratulations. You will love the wallet on chain, so practical and stylish!
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  3. Thanks sweetie! I already do! And you are correct. Also has more room in it than my Chanel WOC. So that’s def a plus!
  4. Beautiful! This one is currently on my wishlist!!
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  5. Thanks doll and it was on mine also. Hehe
  6. Congrats on your YSL. I have a few and they are my favorite bag over some of the more popular brands. Looks classy, well-made without being common (LV) or overly protective, like with Chanel.
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  7. Thanks girlll! I’m with ya on that one. Alotta LV’s our there and although I love my Chanel’s, this YSL does something a lil diff for me.
  8. Wow it’s gorgeous! How did you double up the straps on the woc? Is this the large size?
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  9. CONGRATS !!!

    beauiful bag! I have the same and looooooove it! so pratical, classy and stylish! get all the time compliments for it ! enjoy your pretty new bag :heart:
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  10. Awww thanks I’m not sure what size. She’s 9L x 5.5 H. So small or med.

    I take the chain & criss-cross it and stick it under the flap and walla.... double strap!
  11. Thank ya Luv!

    She sure is. I agree w/ ya 100%! I’ve gotten a bunch of compliments also. Haha I already am and I def will for yrs to come!
  12. That is all kinds of FAB!! Love black with silver hardware. Enjoy!!!
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  13. Hiii again.

    It’s a couple inches longer than my Chanel WOC & almost the size of my medium flap. So I’m gonna say medium?
  14. Thanks sooo much ElenaTS!
  15. Lovely! I want one so bad now. I bought a mulberry Darley in the sale but now I want this again!

    Do you know if it comfortably sits under your arm when doubling up the handles?
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