My 1st weekender and she's a keeper!!!

  1. OMG!!!!!!! This is it~ she is a keeper!!! My weekender came about an our ago and I am so thrilled!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:I had an emerald but black as usual was calling my name!!! It's F/W '06 and it seriously has the best leather ever!!! It is so wrinkly and super smooshy soft and so thick!!!:heart: I think I am definitely going to use it as an everyday bag and not just for travel!!! I am so happy and I can't believe she is mine!!! Now I have a weekender to love!!!

    DSC04867.JPG DSC04872.JPG
  2. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Whoa the leather on that bag looks TDF!!!! Congrats its beautiful!!
  4. Holy crap! That's the best leather I've ever seen on a weekender! zac - you got SUCH great bags and this new baby is no exception!! Congrats!! My jaw literally dropped at the pics!!
  5. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
    Congrats Zac !!!
    This bag is really gorgeous !! And the leather seems TDF !!!
    I'm sure this first WE won't be the last ;)
  6. WOW

  7. oh lordy!!!!! that is one awesome-looking weekender!!!!!! you really scored BIG TIME, zac-sweetie!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!
  8. wooohooo congrats Zacorey!!! The leather just looks amazing! I love the weekenders! They are HUGE but great!!! xx Modelling pics please!!!
  9. zacorey congratulations :party:
    wow.... the leather is soooo AMAZING!!!! :drool:
  10. Thank you everyone!!! I think I'm really just floored by how much I love this bag!!! I personally think the original owner was CRAZY to give it up!!! LOL~ but sooo very glad she did!!!!:lol:

    Thank you all so much for the nicest words!!!:heart::heart::heart:

    Luva~ I will take a modeling picture when the weather is better and when I don't look like a mess! It's miserable and raining here!!!! ~ and then I expect to see modeling pics of you and your nan!!!!!!!!!!
  11. LOVE IT, Z!!! :yahoo: Wow, that is seriously gorgeous leather. 06 was not an entirely bad year across the board, that's for sure!
  12. ^^ OMG, she's stunning zacaroo!!! :nuts:
  13. Wow Z, you've got yourself such a gorgeous bag. And the leather is scrumptiously delicious. Congratulations!!
  14. Gorgeous! Congrats!
  15. Zacorey- the leather on that bag looks incredible! Congratulations!!!!