my 1st Vernis help what color do I get

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  1. Hi Everyone I am wanting to get my 1st Vernis this month for my BDAY. I love the new Wilshire GM. I love that you can carry it on your shoulder.
    But I am not sure what color to go with the Amarante or Rouge Fauviste
    they are both beautiful colors. But I heard from LV SA that Amarante you can see fingerprints on it more. SO help this is my 1st Vernis so anyone have this bag or any of these colors let me know what color is better
    Amarante or Rouge Fauviste thanks :yahoo:
  2. I think amarante can match with more colors.
  3. Rouge fauvist for sure. It's amazing!
  4. Rouge fauviste!!!
  5. Amarante... it will go with more things in your wardrobe because in certain light it looks black.
  6. Amarante -- so gorgeous!!
  7. amarante
  8. Amarante
  9. I love them both, but Rouge Fauviste wins out for me.
  10. Amarante
  11. Amarante
  12. Amarante; rouge fauviste does nothing for me.
  13. Amarante - goes with more colors then RF
  14. amarante more pretty and more versatile and less chance of colour transfer
  15. I love Amarante more!