my 1st unexpected Valentino

  1. Temptation got the best of me, I had been staring at this one since it came out and when I saw it on sale, I didn't hesitate. I was going to grab a dome bag too but had to slap myself. :nono:
    It's my first Valentino bag, and I can't stop looking at it.
  2. Yummy!! Congratulations! Rockstuds are my new fascination! I have to admit, I have this shape and the dome, and the dome ROCKS!!!
  3. Beauty!!!!
  4. This is beautiful! And I love the studs. Congrats on the great find :smile:
  5. Purchased a white dome in the sale. Absolutely love it. I think you made an awesome choice with this straw version. Will be perfect for many seasons to come. :smile:
  6. Thank you everyone!! :smile: I am hoping I can use it past summer, and I'm loving the rockstuds. I was worried about the straw quality, but it's very heavy duty and I'm sure will last through the years.

    I will wait and get the dome bag in either a dark gray or purplish I want (not sure what the color is called), whenever I find one!
  7. Beautiful! Congrats!
  8. congrats! thats a beautiful summer bag! I got the same shape rock stud in black and I love it so I'm sure you will love using yours too!

    but be careful with the spare strap! I didn't realize it was hanging out of the bag when i was walking one day and scratched up some of the studs on the strap a little bit when dragging on the ground. :sad:
  9. It's lovely! Congrats on your first bag :smile:...I'm sure it won't be the last
  10. Love it!!! Congrats!!! Wear it well!!!
  11. Lovely Rockstud, congrats!
  12. Beautiful, congrats! Don't worry I have several V straw bags they hold up well.

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  13. That is pretty! Perfect for summer!
  14. it's gorgeous, congrats 8)
  15. congratulations on your first valentino! love the straw.