My 1st Twiggy, Vert Gazon and a second on its way...

  1.! I've been busy this past week...ordering a bunch of new stuff! Here is my Vert Gazon Twiggy. Not sure if I will keep it, as I've ordered a bunch of bags and need to decide which I will keep for sure. (Needless to say I went overboard!) I love the color, but the leather on the front and sides are a little different than the leather on the back. Would this bother you???

    (Oh and the "second on its way" is an Anthracite Twiggy due to arrive on Tuesday! :yahoo:)
    Twiggy 001 467x350.jpg Twiggy 004 467x350.jpg
  2. congrats!! the color is amazing and the leather looks great :heart:
  3. Love VG..............

    Gorgeous, and of course love anthra!

  4. This bag is gorgeous. The colour is wonderful. The variations in leather are quite usual with a Bbag and I don't think I could possibly return this bag, if it were mine. Bet you'll also love anthracite.
  5. Vert Gazon is a lovely, lovely green - congratulations!!

    With regards to the leather, with use the back will ease up and the leather will even out, it would be hard to replace it, so I would try and get used to it, but ultimately, only you can decide if it bothers you or not!

    I wish you well,

  6. WOW! That's a beautiful color.

  7. The color is TDF.....I would totally keep this bag!!!!!
  8. I have the same bag, love that color!
  9. That's an amazing color! I'd keep it! I can't wait to see the anthra...
  10. *Sigh* Vert gazon is such a beautiful color! Congrats!!
  11. VG is gorgeous! Amazing! Congrats!
  12. Thanks everyone! The color is amazing! I'm very excited to get the anthracite too. I only saw the color once in person and didn't check it out too much, because I wasn't interested in it then. But most recently, I exchanged my LV Anthracite Nimbus GM for the Perle color (because it was too dark for my complexion and clothing), and immediately thought of Balenciaga's version of Anthracite, which is amazing! So I exchanged Anthracite for Anthracite! =o)-
  13. Cute vert gazon twiggy! I can't wait to see your anthratwiggy too.
  14. So cute in the Twiggy style.:p Enjoy it.:smile:
  15. Congrats on your new bag!!!! VG is one of my favorites.........look forward to seeing your anthracite Twiggy, I'm sure the leather and color will be amazing!:yahoo: