My 1st time at Chanel boutique, chanel necklace, a very nice SA, and window display

  1. Hello everyone. I posted the thread asking for your suggestions last week about how to find the bag and pay for the bag I want because I live far away from the boutique. Yesterday I went to London. After I got there I just went straight to Chanel boutique on Old Bond Street. I was looking for patent clutch and another silver small bag. I got a really good experience there. Unlike at LV boutique where I got a bad experience with one SA who sigh and tore tax refund form in front of me when I asked her to change the name in the form.:push:

    The Chanel SA who came to me is very very nice. I think she is a store manager. She looks elegant. She has short blond hair with fringe. Every sentence she spoke to me was ended with ‘madam’. She always smiles. She is very professional. I think it is the first class service I’ve ever got. I was very impressed. I showed her the pics and she explained to me very nicely about the bag I want that they were all gone. She showed me another small bag which is very nice but I wasn’t sure that I really like it. So, I asked her to see accessories and she showed me earrings and necklaces. I decided to buy this cute necklace with Chanel logo and clover pendants. Then, I walked around to see if there’s anything else I want. She walked around with me but leaved enough space to make me feel comfortable. Finally I decided to purchase only necklace. I don’t have to ask her for a new one or about tax refund. She brought me a new one and asked me whether I want tax refund. She told me to wait for her during card payment and told another SA to introduce me their boutique fragrances. I was very happy. Then I went to Selfridges and Harrods to check out Chanel boutiques. A lot of perfo bag. I took pictures from Chanel boutique at Selfridges. Sorry for the quality. I was too hurried.:sweatdrop:

    Sorry for long post and my English. And thank you for your suggestions and letting me share my experience with you.:flowers: I’m very happy although I do not get the bag I want.:smile:

    p.s. Chanel male SA at Harrods and SAs at Prada shop on Bond street are also very nice.
    my first purchase.jpg display2.jpg display1.jpg
  2. I am so happy to hear that you had a great experience at Chanel! And I think your English is adorable, I can almost hear your accent when I read it - too cute!! What is your first language?

    Congrats on your necklace, it is gorgeous!!
  3. ohhh congrats on that gorgeous necklace! I'm loving the color and the charms! I'm glad you had such a nice and warm experience. I love London. Next time I'm going there strictly to shop. No more touristy sightseeing for me anymore. Perhaps next time you'll get the bag you want. :yes: Ohh I like the bags in the second picture. I see that pearly cotton club bowler and I think a white PST. I could be wrong on the names, but ahhh they're sooo pretty.
  4. Congrautulations on the pretty necklace !! And thanks for sharing your lovely experience in the Boutique. I will definately make a trip to that store next time I go to London :smile:
  5. What a lovely necklace- good choice! :yes:
    Thanks for the other pics too!
  6. Beautiful Necklace! Congrats!

    I'm glad you had a positive experience and thanks for the pics.
  7. beautiful necklace and thanks for sharing.
  8. gorgeous! glad you had a good time, i miss london :sad:
    do you mind if i ask how much you paid for the necklace? thanks x
  9. Beautiful necklace. Congrats!
  10. It's beautiful! :heart:
  11. Thanks for posting!! I was at Chanel Selfridges & Bond Street too yesterday!! wonder if we passed by each other :p
  12. Thank you whistlerchic. I'm Thai. I've learned english a lot from this forum too.Thank you.
    Thank you lilbluebear. I love shopping in London too.
    Thank you pinkpiano. I hope you have a great experience there.
    Thank you sammiekat, designer307, bullshopper. I'll take more pictures next time.
    Thank you gucci_girl_gg. The price is GBP105.
    And thank you piperlu and Jayne1.Thank you everyone.:flowers:
  13. This is awesome! thanks for sharing!!
  14. congrats on the necklace, it's very pretty! glad you had a great experience.
  15. Wow, that is a gorgeous necklace, congratulations!
    And don't you just love Harrods? :yahoo: